What Happens to a Dream Preferred

George Suttles

What happens to a dream preferred?

Does it rise up

Like the sun amongst the clouds?

Or spread like a seed from fruit’s core--

Creating even more?

Does it taste divine and smell oh so sweet?

Or expose darkness to light—

Like a Movement with reach?

Maybe it just inspires for a spell

Like a happy song.

Or does it live on?

A dream preferred: a glorious vision; a succession of images, thoughts, and emotions that pass through one's mind while they sleep and manifest themselves in the waking world as love, aspirations and hope.  We set these types of dreams before and above others, choosing to pursue and realize them with all of our might, just as a virtuous hero faithfully advances their position on the battlefield.

Furthermore, just as with heroes, there has never been a dreamer without strength of soul or fortitude, who did not persevere, struggle, and strive for love or find love to be the worthiest cause for performing acts of heroism; whose brave and visionary feats did not see them transcend to heights of glory and honor, their names forever remembered and celebrated by those who they loved.